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Winter 2020

A castle start awaits Spring:

A few past photos of CastleMagic castles built along with construction photos.

Iside the castle December 2019

Interior stone arch May 2019

Fun with quartzite slate and hardwood Spring 2019

Fun with timbers Winter 2019

Fun with timbers Summer 2018

Fun with granite

CastleMagic Castle Building, Summer 2017

Setting the outer stone layer of granite.

CastleMagic Castle Building, Fall 2016

The curve

Von Frandsen, Summer 2015

Dun 2007

Kataryna 1999

Tower 2005

Castle Tower Bell 2005

Castle Tower 2005

Battlement wall 2004

Tower 2004

The Enchantment 2006

The first river castle under construction 1980

The second waterfall castle under construction 1992

Construction photos


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